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About Our Platform and App

Tourist Sites

Enable digital maps, brochues, multi-lingual presentations and audio guides for sightseers and group tours--All on their own mobile device and headphones.


Gives fans at home or in the stadium a real-time scoreboard, blow-by-blow commentary, team and player statistics and biographies, all on one device.

Conferences and Lectures

Complementary information delivered in time with a speech. Flesh out a presentation with additional notes, discussions, schedules and sponsor pages.

Museums and Galleries

Audiovisual accompaniment to any exhibit, providing an in depth discussion of artists, history, genre.

Performing Arts

Synchronized notes to accompany any live performance and reveal its details. Digitize your play bill, program notes, and sponsors list.

Passion Projects

Inform about your journey, processes, and mission. Describe what goes into making each product.

About Our Digital Marketing Services

Come and Reach a Wider World! Our data driven approach ensures that you understand the true analytics behind our social media efforts.

Social Media

We specialize in developing quality content, tag optimization, targeted advertisements, and account verification so that you can engage with your brand across all platforms.

Search Engine Marketing

We specialize in an innovative approach to SEM that uses White-Hat tactics and search engine optimization to make sure that your website is a top search for your audience and prospectives.

Now In Use At The Springfield Symphony Orchestra!

The Xxglen Team is proud to be powering Springfield Symphony Orchestra's
Real-Time Concert Notes SSO

Photo credit: Andrés D. Moral

What They Say About Our App.

100% Would Use Xxglen Again

Xxglen in the press

“Imagine for a moment what Xxglen can do for all types of arts and communities…
why not leverage the technology that your patrons come in with?”
Xxglen at

"We have really exciting tools, one is an app called XXGLEN that is downloaded for free when you get to Symphony Hall...You have your phone in your lap and it is a darkened screen so it does not bother anyone next to you and we guide you through the concert. We write little tidbits and notes about the music you are hearing. It is really fun..."
Kirsten Lipkens, Education Director
Springfield Symphony Orchetra

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